Parc Central Residences

Securing a property is not a straightforward thing. You need professional advice from the different departments, the bankers, the lawyers and the real estate agents. If you are buying a resale property, you will need to deal with the co-broke agents. This is especially the practice in Singapore. But if you are buying a new launch condominium,  it is not necessary for you to find or pay your property agent.

Property agents nowadays are living in a cut throat business. In an event where you, as the buyer would like to purchase a condominium, which is new launch, kindly take note that you do not have to pay commission to the agents. The developer will reward the agents with an attractive commission instead.

These commission are usually very very attractive that may even go up to 5%. But not for ECs. ECs are usually the lower commission tier, due to its tendency to sell out fast.

And a new Tampines Ave 10 EC is coming up, that will jolly well follow the modern set of rules. Boldly named Parc Central Residences, inspired by Central Park in the States, it is expected to be a big hit due to a pent up demand. This will be the first EC in the East since 2012 and we are not surprised if it gets sold in a day.

Interested buyers will need to book showflat appointment asap and can check it out

About the developers, it is actually done by Hoi Hup & Sunway Group. They seems to monopolize the EC market, especially with their recent EC launches like Parc Canberra, and Rivercove Residences which was sold out in 1 year, that was in 2018.

It is probably not gonna happen to Parc Central Residences, having the units sold off in a day. It happened to Rivercove due to it being the only launch in 2018. Thus, the demand, is very very high.

For now as the buyers, they have plenty to choose from. You may even include the private property launches which is more than 60 this year. And this will be the perfect situation for HDB upgraders. As for HDB upgraders, it is important that they sell their home quickly so they can cash out the funds required to secure the EC or private property that they want or need.

Here are some tips for them to sell their homes faster:

In case you’ve got vibrant colours on the walls, then think about a fast paint job before showing it, so as to make it much easier for a buyer to picture himself residing in the area.

In the process of selling your home, be ensure that you maintain the cleanliness of the house as a possible buyer might be attracted to it. With good upkeep of the house, it brings a positive image towards the potential buyers. Renovations are not needed. Maintenance and cleanliness is the most important. And, reduce all the clutters.

To find the best real estate agent in Singapore, it is honestly not hard. Googling it will not give you the answers, but the social media is filled with charismatic and proficient agents that may help you with the transitions.

To quickly sell of your house in Singapore market, be sure hat your home is appealing. Planting flowers and dressing that the landscaping can help.

Having an agent with a vast experience no of years, at the same time, a vast no of transactions under the belt with good reviews, will help you to sell your home faster. A genuine and a kind hearted agent is a bonus.

When you are thinking of the selling price, have some adjustments or buffer for negotiations. A home might be worth it, but only if potential buyers are ready to fork out the expected price.

Always keep yourself guarded. Buyers might come any time. No matter much time it was since your last viewing, make sure you keep your home tidy and clean all the time since you don’t know when someone will phone to take a peek at your home.

Now with the 700 units in Parc Central Residences, they have different areas for the residents to enjoy, such as the long linear playfield, the cove, the lake and the architecture impressions of the clubhouse, which is the main point of attraction. Residents will love this.

It is also located in Tampines, which is amazing. Full pledged amenities all nearby, 10 mins drive from Jewel at Changi Airport. It is also located directly next to the mega transformation of the Paya Lebar Airbase where it is going to be converted to a commercial area.

Also, for future buyers of Parc Central Residences, you have the HDB upgraders in the Tampines North areas that will support the purchase and the demand for it in the future.

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