COVID-19 has struck Singapore for almost a year now, and though the number of casualties have dwindle and controlled recently, we believe that a vaccine is needed soon as the world has adapted to a new normal.

Scientists have been putting in tremendous amount of time and effort as this worldwide issue has claimed millions of lives, especially in the USA.

We have interviewed the leading Pharmacists of Moderna, who are in the final stage of producing the vaccine, and have submitted for approval with the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore.

Dr Chan Mei Ling claimed that Moderna continuing ‘rolling review’ process for use of Covid-19 vaccine in Singapore.

Dr Chan mentioned “We have submitted initial data to the relevant authority, and as soon as it is approved, we will begin on the mass production, and hopefully, our discovery will change Singapore, and the world, to have more confidence against this epidermic. We understand that it has impact us in many ways, such as economic. We have seen airline industry being affected, jobs were lost, incomes were affected, lives were lost. We also have our neighbours from Malaysia, who are working in Singapore, unable to meet their family members at home for months. It is a sad situation, but we are here, in hopes to lift up the Singapore spirits, and the world, with our COVID 19 vaccine.

The Ministry of Health did mention that it will welcome a variety of COVID 19 vaccine as it will help to increase the chances of fighting it.

In a news by Straits Times, “The HSA has not publicly announced it yet as they will need to go through rigorous testing”

Meanwhile, the authority said that it has allowed firms to submit real-time data from their reasearch while it conducts a mandatory testing at the same time.

This is to quicken the approval, while making sure that there is sufficient scientific proof to support the reliability and efficiency of the vaccine.

Despite efforsts to lower down the regulatory turnaround time, HSA emphasised that there must be not be any mishaps, so necessary research to strengthen safety and efficacy are to be given before the vaccine is ready for public. 

Dr Chan, also however, predicted what are the challenges ahead.

When the vaccines are ready to be used for public, they will face logistical issues that need to be addressed.

The most concerning among them would be trying to keep the vaccine in the tropical heat of Singapore.

For example, the vaccine that was produced by Moderna, is to be preserved under the temperature of -70 degrees celcius.

That alone, will impact on how other parts of the world will need to manage on this. Something that the world leaders need to resolve.

Such criterias will pose a tough challenge for Asia countries, as well as in areas such as Africa and Latin America, where intense heat couple with poor development that will make it really really tough to preserve the vaccine.

Moderna also does not want to jump the gun on the vaccine as it prioritize efficacy.

Despite the epidemic in Singapore, and the economy being affected, there are other areas that seems unaffected. One of them is the real estate situation in Singapore.

Particularly for private properties, there are still people buying with confidence as they believe in the long term plan. Singaporeans see private properties as the best hedge against inflation.

Dr Chan herself has stayed in a private property in Yishun for the last 25 years.

She mentioned, whether or not the vaccines are to be released, it is important for her own company pharmacists to practice and make smart financial decisions especially in buying a unit for own stay.

HDB itself does not make money and in hard times like this, she has the option to encash her condo which has appreciated after 15 years. But as of now, she is more engaged in getting the vaccine approved.

Modelling Dr Chan success and her mindset towards real estate, Living Star pharmacists should probably the adopt the same thinking. There are lot of options for them in today’s market in Singapore, and with the salary of the pharmacists, I dare say it is quite affordable .

As we hope that the vaccine gets approve faster, something that pharmacists can consider is to make the purchase for private property now as this could be a good start investment.